Financial Roundtable Application - Kansas City

Hey there!

I'm so excited that you're interested in joining me in Kansas City with up to 12 amazing, like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs for 2+ days of a "roll up your sleeves" roundtable that is focused on the down and dirty of running a business.   Our primary focus is on financials - so come prepared to understand them, analyze them, and budget them.  We will go "soup to nuts" at a fast-paced speed.  We will also have a lot of fun.  I'll take you to some of my favorite places in my hometown, treat you to amazing drinks and food, and even a pre-event small party at my home.   We will end our last night at one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate the hard work and the new friendships.  I believe this could be one of the most epic things you can do in your life and business.  

As time allows, we will tackle the following in two very full days:

  • Understanding past financial performance
  • Dive into my metrics and teach you how to use them daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly to run your business
  • Build a budget that you can rely on - in 15 minutes flat
  • Run your "break even" number and your "loaded hourly number" to help you with estimating and pricing
  • Discuss how your numbers can be an incentive to better, more efficient performance, with a bonus that is self-financing
  • Review your Kolbe A Index, and how it can help you hire and retain talent
  • Learn from my HR team some of the key things you need to know about in your business to be successful
  • Talk about the good and bad stuff in your business, and offer tangible solutions to solve your biggest issues
  • Build amazing life-long relationships with other business owners with the same opportunity and struggle you have
  • Access to me for 2+ whole days to solve any problem you're facing

Once you return home you will have ongoing accountability via a Facebook private group, as well as preferred access to me after the event when things come up you need guidance on.

This is the real deal that you cannot miss.   Admission is by application only, which is below.

Investment of $2497 includes 3-nights of accommodations, all meals, all drinks, the roundtable itself, and FB private group moderated directly by me.   Your only cost above this is your airport transfers and your travel to/from Kansas City (MCI is the airport code if you choose to fly).   Deposit of $997 is due when you are accepted via Credit Card.   Second Payment of $1500 is due 5 days before the event.   For certain circumstances, we can offer payment plans or financial assistance.   Some past attendees have contributed to a scholarship fund for our discretionary use.   Reach out to me for more info.

Event is limited to no more than 12 individuals, and are booked on first-come, first-served.   Some attendees will be sharing a room (but have their own bed).

I really hope to see you in Kansas City for one of two exclusive life-changing and business-changing roundtables!

If you have any questions, please email me for more information.

PS - A past roundtable attendee, Tim Gramstoff, from outside Boston, recorded a video of his experience.
Take a watch:

PSS - Another roundtable attendee, Ed Solomon, sent this video unsolicited about his most recent update after the Roundtable.   Take a watch:

A round table conference with Jason Cupp is priceless. You build relationships with other entrepreneurs, identify your shortfalls, understand your financials, and help each person at the table design a foundation to build your business on. The ideas that come from a group setting like this are practical and helpful for business of different sizes and structures. 

-Cory Bettinghouse, Cory's Lawn Service

As it's name suggests, it has no head, implying that everyone who sits there has equal status.  Cupp's group is a knee deep dive into business, numbers, life, "Aha moments" and realizations with other people seeking clarity along with you. The support and feedback from the group being appropriately directed by Jason, allowed me to leave with actionable steps and a better plan to achieve success.  The friendships and brotherhood we left with will surely have an impact for years to come!

-Dave White, AutoGate Electric

When you walk away from a round table with Jason, you have a MUCH greater understanding and confidence in what’s going on in your business, top to bottom. There’s no better way to strip down your business and see it’s true colors than to lock yourself in a room with people that have been there and done that. You will leave with a reassurance of what your are doing right, and a roadmap for what you need to improve.

-Luke Stice, VistaTurf

Any event that you leave with real, actionable steps to make your business better is worth it. A round table with Jason is way more than that. I came away with deep relationships I know will carry me for many years to come. As well, I have learned more about our business, the strengths and weaknesses and what we need to do this year to achieve our goals. I have been to several educational events, a handful of round tables and this round table was bar none the best experience I have ever had both on a personal and business level.

-Josh Taylor, Taylor's Way

I am not a numbers guy. I went to this hoping to understand my numbers. I got so much more. Not only numbers, and understanding but also relationships. It is great to have the small group and see what we are all struggling with and what we are succeeding at. Some of which we didn’t even know until we knew the numbers.

-Jason Brassfield, Brassfield Landscaping

Thank you for being you! Being honest with our numbers and attacking them head on. This will be our most profitable year on books and that also includes the elimination of $35k in credit card debt. Thank you for not beating around the bush when we were at your house and asking the hard questions, making us own our situation and figuring our way out. We just had our biggest month ever thanks to raising our prices to were they should be.

-Matt Green, Green's Lawn Care and Landscaping