I'm so happy you stopped in. Let me introduce myself, I'm Jason, and I'm excited to meet you. Let me share a little about me and how I got where I am today.

What I do:

After almost 24 years as CEO of a service-industry company, I’m focusing all my efforts on being a Kolbe Certified growth consultant. (Don’t know what Kolbe is? Ask me! It will change your life.) I've already worked with hundreds of companies throughout the United States and beyond. I also travel the United States as a professional speaker — on topics ranging from team building to sales and marketing to crisis management.


People always ask me what industries I work with, and the honest answer is all of them — no, really! Insurance, finance, information marketing, service, real estate, nonprofits…though my experience is heavily vested in the service industry, I’ve learned that most businesses are essentially the same, regardless of industry, product or discipline. So if you're a business with at least one employee that provides a product or service, you're squarely in my wheelhouse.

Over 10 years ago, I was honored and humbled to be elected the President of a national service industry trade organization, headquartered outside Washington, D.C.   It was an incredible experience running an international nonprofit, and I learned so much about leadership, communication, and navigating unchartered crisis waters during that tenure.  It added to my business resume, that is for sure!

The rest:

Life is grand. I love the good, bad and ugly of it — because I learn from absolutely everything that happens. And I share what I learn with everyone I meet.

I live in Kansas City. My family and friends come first in my life…always. I'm a son, brother, cousin and nephew. I'm also a sports fan: Love my hometown Royals, and also the  Chicago Cubs. I bleed crimson and blue for the Kansas Jayhawks.

I can’t live without my Apple computer products — I have no idea how I lived before the iPhone. Oh, and I drink a lot of coffee. You've been warned!

My life mantra, taken directly from the HOLSTEE Manifesto:

"Life is about the people you meet and what you create with them. So, go out and start creating."

Lets go out and start creating!

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