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A little less than a month ago, I was in Los Angeles and was honored to be a guest on #landscapechat.  #landscapechat is a Twitter-based online conversation that is hosted and sponsored by ValleyCrest Landscape Companies and Corona Tools.  This particular one was fun because we chose to do it live at ValleyCrest’s HQ in Calabasas, CA.  I believe it was the first and only LIVE (in the same room) #landscapechat that they have had.

A very special thanks to Kolbe Corp in Phoenix, AZ for joining us for the chat as well.  I so appreciate their insight, their participation, but mostly the personal and corporate impact that Kolbe Wisdom has had on my own life.  You can read all about it in the link at the very end of this blog entry.

Also, special thanks to Brian Horn with Lawn and Landscape Magazine for being our host and moderator for the hour-long session.  It was great to have an industry media partner with us along for the ride.

We talked for one hour about Kolbe Wisdom and the impact that can have on businesses in regards to team building, hiring, solving inefficiencies  and creating a different culture.   I loved the energy, the questions from the attendees and the overall conversation that took place over the hour.

One funny side-note is that about 10 minutes into the chat, the wireless got buggy and several of us were kicked off, so we were able to seamlessly move to our phones and other wireless devices over our laptops until we were able to get back on.  What a reliance we have on mobile technology anymore – so much fun!

The graphic below shows the word influence as far as Top Keywords  from all participants during the chat itself.  Pretty cool!



Some of the amazing statistics that came out of the chat itself was that we had a reach of 543,785 (in one hour) and 584,251 impressions (in one hour) – pretty amazing.   There were 489 Tweets and 193 Retweets.  Fun statistics, if you ask me!

To view the recap and the feed of the conversation, there is a great link that will take you through it soup to nuts.  Here you go – enjoy!   LINK to the #lansdscape chat recap HERE.

If you have any questions about Kolbe or anything in the chat, please contact me…  I’m happy to fill in any blanks!

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