Melissa Ward Irwin is at it again – PLEASE help my “sis”

Hi friends,

A year and a half ago, many of you, along with my family, friends, clients and everyone in-between bonded together to support my cousin Melissa win a huge challenge in life – the Kansas City Weight Loss Challenge.  (Here and here are links to previous blog entires)  Not only did she get into the competition (with your help), but she WON IT!  I am so proud of Melissa that she lost 40 pounds and won the entire thing…  AND, she has kept it off.

Melissa texted me this week that she will be participating again, in the next Kansas City Weight Loss Challenge that starts in January.  She has every intent to WIN the entire thing again.  I’ve talked to her many times this week, via text and phone, and she is geared up.  I believe she has 23 competitors this year, and the event looks a lot different.   Here is a video that explains the new contest:

What does she need from you?

First, encouragement.  Please follow her on Facebook and post encouraging messages to her page as her journey begins.

Second, a small donation.  This year, to underwrite the extreme cost of trainers, gym, food, etc. and all that jazz that is necessary for the program, each person needs to raise $1,200 in the month of January.  That said, if each of my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends donated $1, she’d easily have the donations necessary.  If she does not raise $1,200, she cannot participate.  I know we can help her with this, right?  TO DONATE, CLICK THIS LINK PLEASE.  

Third, join me in congratulating her BIG TIME when she wins this thing.

As I shared with you via earlier blog posts, Melissa is all about motivation, encouragement, coaching and training not only in her career, but also in her life.  She’s a constant source of encouragement for me.

Will you help?  If so, thank you so much.  🙂

To donate a dollar, or a hundred, please click HERE.


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