An AMAZING and OFFENSIVE Client “Offer” for a Discount

Let’s end this week with a bang…  I had a financial call with a client of mine earlier this week, and we were talking about his construction backlog going into the second half of the year.  We talked about the individual conversations he was having with clients and what July and August looked like.  This was especially important to us since it seems like the entire country is under a massive heat wave.  NOT good for sales, especially in any industry that involves construction or the outdoors.

So, get this…  My client estimated a 26K job, and was kind and generous enough to offer a 10% discount to the client if they chose to do ALL phases at the same time.  Here is his email to the client:


Here are the quotes for your home. One is for the maintenance and the other is for the landscaping work that we have been discussing.

I went through all the pricing for each individual line and the best I could do it a 10% discount if you do all of the line items on the landscaping quote. That comes out to a $2568.50 discount.

I look forward to discussing this with you and hopefully doing the project. I feel as though we can take your vision and make it come true.

We have put you on the mowing schedule for Friday and we will start the fertilizing on the next round in about a week. If you could please sign the maintenance quote and send it back to me I would appreciate it.

Thank You


Pretty simple.  A 26K projet with a ~$2600 discount.

The clients reply:


After reviewing your quote and comparing to my other quote this is our offer.

Everything on the quote I wiil do for $10,000 with a 1 year installation and 1 year guarantee on all trees and shrubs.  My deadline is july 7, 2012, there will be a $2000 credit back to buyer if the installation date is by the time specified.

trees on quote will have to be 6′-8′

topiary 5′

shrubs size 5 gallon

Here is the  patio info on pavers MANUFACTURER blue 60mm, color Harvest Gold; outside border Parisien 6″x6″ color chocolate brown.

Please let me know if you want to proceed.



ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  Not only are you wanting us to discount this project 16K, but you say that we have a deadline too?  (FYI, this email came in recently, giving my client only two weeks WITH the 4th of July holiday in there to complete the work…)…

My clients RESPECTFUL reply:


I received your offer to the quote that I sent you in regards to your home.

I regret to inform you that I cannot even think of reducing my quote 65%. It is surprising that you would even consider asking anyone to reduce their quote by such a dramatic amount. I’m sure you would feel the same way about your membership fees. Also requiring a credit back and of such a large amount is unheard of on a residential job like this. Besides with our current back log of work we couldn’t even begin the job for 3-4 weeks. It is already mid June.

I wish you luck on your quest for the landscape contractor to for fill your projects needs.


Folks, this is ridiculous.  I’m offended and it isn’t even my company.  I mean, c’mon.  Are clients really coming to this – making an “offer” for our services?  This is not eBay…  We have real costs, real labor, real overhead, and desire to make a profit.  I wish I knew what this client did for a living to determine if they would negotiate their services.

The thing that I don’t understand at all is how this client thinks this is even acceptable.  Hey, I understand that the economy is tough, and that people want to define value, but SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR DISCOUNT?

I can’t wait to see how horrible her property looks when she hires an inferior contractor.

With that, Happy Friday!


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