Understanding Marketing: Linking Your Marketing Calendar to Your Business Calendar

I was recently on the phone with a client who happens to be in the landscape business in the Western United States who shared a few of her marketing struggles with me. This should come as no surprise to anyone in business who would rather ply their trade than market it to potential customers.

Of course, when it comes to marketing, there can be several challenges, not the least of which are what you want to promote, what medium you want to use, and exactly who to target. This client’s struggle, however, involved timing; she was always behind the power curve getting her marketing message to prospects.

So I suggested developing two calendars: a business calendar and a marketing calendar. The business calendar would indicate by month the services her company offered.  Being the owner of a full-service landscape maintenance company, she could fill every month with something of interest. Maybe six months of the calendar would highlight spring/summer services such a landscape renovation, plant installation, irrigation system maintenance, pesticide application and so forth.  The other six months might indicate (again by month) landscape design, pruning, fall cleanup, and fall feeding and weed control.

On this calendar she would then overlay her marketing calendar.  For example, if her business calendar indicated October was when her company provided fall feeding and weed control, then her business calendar would spool that back three months and remind her to start promoting that service not in the fall (when it would be too late) but rather in midsummer when customers would have plenty of time to get the message and react. Her marketing calendar might also indicate the preferred marketing methodology – maybe an email alert, post card mailing, or a mention in her company newsletter.

When it comes to marketing, timing is everything. You can have the best message in the world, but if it’s late, it truly falls on deaf ears.

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