What’s Your Klout Worth?

They say that size doesn’t matter, but apparently when it comes to social media, it kinda does.  If you aren’t on twitter or Facebook, this might not be exciting news to you, but maybe it’s worth having a look – especially if you like being treated like VIP in Vegas.

In a nutshell – Klout is the measure of a variety of factors based on how you interact with your twitter and Facebook followers.  Together, this data represents your influence within the social media world.  It takes some funky math to get your Klout score, but it’s basically a measurement of your reach (the size of your engaged audience), your amplification (the likelihood that someone will do something with your tweet), and your network influence (the combined influence level of your engaged audience).  The data is then rated on a scale of 1-100; the higher, the better.

So who’s got the highest Klout scores?  Mostly celebrities, but some politicians and other world leaders.

At the top of the list, with a perfect score – Justin Bieber, the Canadian phenomenon.

  • @JustinBieber – Klout Score 100 (why – who knows?)
  • @AplusK (Ashton Kucher) – Klout Score 87
  • @BarackObama – Klout Score – 89
  • @ConanObrien – Klout Score – 89
  • Missouri’s own – @SherylCrow – Klout Score – 57
  • Me!  @JasonCupp – Klout Score – 58 (yah, I’m bigger than Sheryl Crow!)

You can check your own score here.

But wait – who cares what your score is, right?  It’s just a popularity contest, isn’t it?  Well, it might be, but there are a few companies that are starting to look at your Klout score as a way to leverage your influence over your fan base.  And that might be good for you.

So – what can a high Klout score get you?

Expect to see more brands reaching out to their followers, watching for influential folks talking about the brand, and just interacting with active folks in the social media realm, hoping to benefit from the influence you have over your followers.

If size matters to you, and you want to increase your Klout score naturally and right:

  • find a way to get influential people to talk about you
  • Keep your followers list free of spambots and people that never tweet/retweet
  • Add value to a trending topic, and then share the heck out of it
  • Get more people to follow you than you are following

If you just want to game the system and artificially inflate your Klout score, I’m sure you can find something on your own on Google.

Good luck – I’m going to check out what the VIPs do in Vegas – never know when my travels might take me there!

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